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Constant Reminder

Stephen Watkins, Writer is not wholly abandonned – but for the immediate future, I probably won’t be updating much here.  But never fear, dear friends.  I still update regularly at my main blog, The Undiscovered Author.  Click there on that link to get thee  hither.

At some point in the not-to-distant-future, I’ll be reconfiguring my whole blogging schema.  Right now I like the title “The Undiscovered Author”.  But eventually I’m going to want to focus more on my name and creating a brand around that.  And I’ve been debating, lately, what exactly that means.

It may mean, though I can’t say for certain, that “Stephen Watkins, Writer” is retired (along with “The Undiscovered Author”) in favor of something more specific to the name with which I want to brand myself.  But this is, as I’ve often heard, a marathon, not a sprint, so there will be yet time to make decisions about that.

And here we have the obligatory “First Post” of a new blog.  I’ve already been blogging at The Undiscovered Author, where I’ve been chronicling my misadventures balancing writing, going to school to get an MBA, and becoming a father all while holding down a full-time day job out in Corporate America.

That blog is all about trying to get published.

This blog presupposes my eventual success in achieving that goal.  No, I’m not published yet, not as of this writing.  But the existence of this new blog is a signal that I firmly intend to see the day when my words are in print (and somebody paid me for the right).  When that day comes, I don’t want to tell people: “Hey, check out my site at ‘’!”  No.  I want to point people toward something with my name on it.  Ergo, I started this “new” blog, of which I am the eponymous orchestrator. 

It’s going to be a rough start, at first.  I don’t want to abandon my readership over at The Undiscovered Author.  On that blog I’ve made a certain committment to producing content on a regular basis.  Until I figure out how to leverage a separate blog with my name on it, that will continue to be my primary blog.  (I’ve left plenty of nifty links to that blog here, so visitors here will be quickly apprised of what’s going on there.)  That said, over time there will be an evolution of how the two interact.  I can’t really cross-post between the two (WordPress won’t let me), and I don’t have enough time and energy in me to do two separate blog posts per day on a regular basis.  I might be able to copy/paste my posts to here, but I’m not sure that would be especially fruitful or useful, so I don’t plan to do that.

So, in the meantime, bear with me as I figure out how best to use these two separate blogs.  In the future, I would expect other changes to be possible.  For instance, I would not consider it entirely out of the realm of possibility that I retire both this and my other blog in favor of a domain name that’s without having to go through a WordPress intermediary.  Or, I might just migrate the two blogs to that hypothetical third and future site.

Until then, enjoy your stay!