My fate is now in the hands of forces that are beyond the ken of mortal man.

Which means I have submitted my story.  It’s in the mail.  I now leave it in the hands of the editor.

So, here’s where I stand.  I’ve written a good story.  I really believe that.  What I don’t know for sure is whether it’s a really “great” story.  But it’s definitely very good.  I’m fairly confident that it’s an original take on the theme.

That said, there are hundreds of reasons that an editor might not want to buy my story.  I’m hopeful, even optimistic, about the chances of this story making a positive impression.  But I’m realistic.  I understand that it may take me a while to find the right home for this story.  I believe that the right home is my top choice market – to whom the story was sent over the weekend – but even so there’s a sizeable chance that I’m wrong about that.

The story actually went into the mail on Saturday evening.  Dear Wife dropped it off at the Post Office while she was out doing some grocery shopping.  I was at home with B.T. studying.

All that’s left to be said is: wish me luck!